Who we are: Value Section

Ethics & Compliance:

We want to do business the right way. We want to be the best at what we do while never compromising on integrity. The Code of Business Ethics and Conduct Policy applies to everyone at Valiant Integrated Services…including the board of directors, company officers, employees, subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers.

Core Values:

Valiant Integrated Services’ unwavering convictions govern the way we do business. Our philosophy is designed around three core values.


Health, Safety, Quality, Environment:

Safety goes without saying… at Valiant Integrated Services it’s a MUST and strictly enforced from the top of the corporate ladder to each and every employee on our project sites.

Quality is an integral part of Valiant’s work process with the ultimate goal being – a satisfied client. When vision, objectives, and plans are shared, everyone works together to the benefit of the organization and the client. Valiant takes great pride in meeting client expectations.

We believe in holding ourselves accountable in making the world a better place through the insight and solutions we provide, our engagement in society, the way we do business, and our commitment to protect people and the environment.